Discovery Garden Ocean Terminal

Shade trees are planted throughout the garden.

Located adjacent to Ocean Terminal Mall, where the HMY Britannia is currently moored, is a small contemporary oasis that features an educational collection of plants.

Representing the discoveries of the founding fathers of Scottish botany, large groupings of individual species are planted to showcase their discoveries. Plantings include Trillium, Anemone, several species of Heuchara, and Rubus.  Of the five botanists highlighted, two had travelled to North America, David Douglas and Francis Masson. During the early 1800’s,  these men introduced the species included above, and contributed many more that dramatically shaped the British landscape. Douglas was famous for the Firs he introduced to the British agroforestry industry, and was commemorated for his achievements with the Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii).  The seeds of which he brought to Scotland from the lower Columbian River in British Columbia in 1824.

The flower and foliage of Anemone.
A large parking structure adjacent to the mall overlooks the garden.
Climbing plants thrive on the wire framework.
The discreet entrance can be easily missed.

This modern, interpretive garden, provides respite within a commercial complex. Simple signage explains the layout and identifies the plants.  Vines climb a on framework that is installed on the walls, and lighting makes it a welcoming place. Although discreet in its location, this garden has captured an opportunity for tourists and residents alike to discover the many species that these Scottish botanists have introduced to the landscape of Great Britain.

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